[Fwd: [dns-operations] AAAA records to be added for root servers]

Brandon Butterworth brandon at bogons.net
Fri Jan 4 02:04:54 CET 2008

> However, I'd suggest that for IPv6, anyone should be prepared to be  
> filtered at RIR boundaries.

Sure but they won't and it won't work unless everything is already

It's too late to apply after someone has deagg'd, you're just into
a bun fight and you are the oppressor. Far better to have the filters
in place already so they don't get tempted to game it. As with
v4 there's probably enough that'll tolerate it that they can make
the deagg stick.

% /48s being allocated today are the 192/8 class Cs of yesteryear, with the
% same challenges in filtering.  They are being allocated to RIR policy so
% unless an ISP decides they are going to impose filters more strict than what
% the RIRs allocate, they're sort of stuck.

I think it was a bad move making PI the same as end user space, if it
was shorter it'd not get cought up in simplistic filtering and with
a simple filter rule there'd be more chance of it being enforced. Say
PI was /34 or something then as we're accepting that logically
it's fine for people to deagg to that too so a /34 filter would
allow PI to exist but stop any excessive deagg (still going
be a big swamp just a bounded swamp)

Seems simple, I must have missed something as we've not done it.


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