[Fwd: [dns-operations] AAAA records to be added for root servers]

David Conrad david.conrad at icann.org
Fri Jan 4 00:51:43 CET 2008

/48s being allocated today are the 192/8 class Cs of yesteryear, with the
same challenges in filtering.  They are being allocated to RIR policy so
unless an ISP decides they are going to impose filters more strict than what
the RIRs allocate, they're sort of stuck.

Mighty big swamp we're making.

With regards to diversity, M and K are already assigned out of a /32 (I'll
forgo comment on the fact that we're using exactly 2 addresses out of
158,456,325,028,528,675,187,087,900,672 because, you know, IPv6 addresses
are unlimited... (:-) for the irony impaired)).


On 1/3/08 3:34 PM, "Brandon Butterworth" <brandon at bogons.net> wrote:

>> It would be nice to have some diversity here, especially as in IPv6 it
>> could easily happen that someone filters all /48s by mistake.
> Mistake? Isn't that the first thing people are going to do when others
> start deaggregating? "no more eating my router <click>"
> As I said on that other list a global hard line on deaggregation
> may be a wise move, save people creating random ones with varying
> collateral damage.
> brandon

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