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Niels Bakker niels=cluenet at
Fri Feb 29 00:16:27 CET 2008

* trond.skjesol at (Trond Skjesol) [Thu 28 Feb 2008, 10:48 CET]:
> RIPE is multihomed with a prefix from Surfnet. I may not reach RIPE via CW 
> and surfnet will never be tried.
> When shall RIPE begin to use an address that works? This problem arises 
> quite often.

You mean the RIPE NCC?  When the RIPE community (i.e., you and me and 
all of us) decide that the RIPE NCC is worth a routing slot in the global 
IPv6 routing table.  As in, PI.

The RIPE NCC is far from the only organisation that is properly and 
stably multihomed with IPv4 but gets the short end of a stick in IPv6.

It may help a bit if NORDUnet were to peer IPv6 with RIPE NCC at AMS-IX.

	-- Niels.

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