L2 VLANs, intermediate network and L3 management (LONG)

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Thu Aug 21 14:14:23 CEST 2008

David Freedman wrote:

>  >Will using IPv6 as a dynamic management 'hack' work in this regard?
> Sure, if you have access to all the kit, you can manage via link local, 
> no need
> to configure anything specific.

Thanks for the feedback David. The thought of using link local addresses 
  never even crossed my mind.

> This would mean though that you have to be on the router in order to 
> reach the CPE.

Not very feasible.

> The alternative is to use ULA (RFC4193) as global but this could be 
> problematic as you deploy
> v6 authentic global addresses to your clients, they will want real 
> addressing, you would have to overlap.

This method does not appear to be scalable. My handful of fibre clients 
is going to grow too rapidly to have to go back and re-organize/manage 
ULAs just for management purposes.

> Now, if we hadn't deprecated the site local scope.......

LOL, most of the RFCs, BCPs and drafts I've read have included the 
deprecated site local scope, but since I've hopped on the IPv6 train 
after the fact, I've never contemplated a scenario where it would be 
used. This would be a perfect example...

With the comments you made, I'm thinking it makes the most sense simply 
to overlap the IPv4 with a proper IPv6 /48 to each VLAN, even though the 
clients will not be using it yet. I can get my management requirements 
resolved, and when my providers finally provide native IPv6, then things 
will already be in place.

I guess today I'll be finding out how auto configuration works in 
practice. It's a great piece of the specification, I've just not had the 
need for it until now.



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