getting DNS config to clients

Kim Hawtin kim at
Fri Apr 18 02:38:48 CEST 2008

>> What are the accepted/widely used 'standard' ways of setting up clients?
>> Particularly clients that frequently move between differnt networks.
> This is another fantastic question that I've wondered...but on the flip
> side:

This is the next big step for us, but its a little further down the track.
I'm really doing the network concept design right now.
Making sure that we can get all the tech working in useful ways.

> As a (small) ISP and a relay-type name registrar, who do you deal with
> that can provide me with IPv6 DNS entries at the domain registrar level?
> For instance, this particular domain, is with
>, who can't provide me with IPv6 DNS slots at all.
> For our hosting clients, we generally deal with OpenSRS, and
> unfortunately not personally had the time to investigate for IPv6
> compliance.
> Does anyone have recommendations of name registrars that are following
> the leadership of ICANNs IPv6 at the root level, and providing IPv6 DNS
> entries per domain at the sub-tld level?
> I've had to personally fight with our DNS software to work coherently
> with IPv6, now we need a registrar that can point a domain to an IPv6
> only address.
> Hell, I've noticed be down for periods of time...I can't
> be that bad for trying...



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