BCP for multisite multihoming

Leo Vegoda leo.vegoda at icann.org
Mon May 21 21:46:19 CEST 2007

On 21 May 2007, at 3:28pm, bmanning at karoshi.com wrote:

>>> 4) Obtain multiple /32s, announce one from each POP.
>> Presumably this company is incorporated in each country in which it
>> has a PoP. It is effectively four companies with a common owner. As
>> such, I think #4 is the right answer and I don't think it should be
>> too difficult to get the address space.
> 	what an egregious waste of numbering resources.

I agree that it is not highly efficient but as A&M activity is quite  
likely to break up aggregates in horrific ways anyway, I would prefer  
to number a network in a way that is likely to lead to less longer  
term deaggregation.


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