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Mon May 14 22:32:39 CEST 2007


if you have any comments etc, ipv6 at ietf.org is the list to spam ;)



From: Brian Haberman <brian at innovationslab.net>

IPv6 WG,
     The chairs have reviewed all the comments and feedback on the
Routing Header Type 0 vulnerability.  The consensus of the working group
is seen as:

     - Deprecate the Type 0 Routing Header
     - Provide guidance to operators to disable RH0 where possible

As a part of the deprecation, implementations should return an ICMP
parameter problem message to the packet source.

     The chairs request that the authors of the two two drafts currently
published discussing the RH0 issue (draft-jabley-ipv6-rh0-is-evil-00.txt
and draft-savola-ipv6-rtheader-00.txt) combine them and publish a single
draft as an IPv6 w.g. document.

     Please make any issues/problems you may have with this approach
known to either the mailing list or the chairs directly.

Bob and Brian
IPv6 WG co-chairs

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