2 new GRH Tools: Which prefixes does my ASN miss? & Who misses my prefix?

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Thu Jan 18 22:30:55 CET 2007

Kevin Loch wrote:
> Jeroen Massar wrote:
>> he second question "Who misses my prefix" can be answered by doing a
>> Looking Glass query, eg using the normal query:
>> http://www.sixxs.net/tools/grh/lg/?find=2610:78::/32
> Excellent idea, but where does it show this?  I only see
> the list of GRH peers that have it, and it seems to be
> impossible to deselect the "Show GRH ASN's that have the prefix"
> as it reappears after clicking lookup.

That deselection should work now, silly "on", but no "off" in HTML forms.

There are now also three headers, which I just added <h2>'s around so
that they are better visible:

1. GRH participants that do have the prefix
2. GRH participants that did not have the prefix
3. Other active ASN's that did not receive the prefix

headers are shown, with a comment when they are disabled and otherwise
the list of the ones that fall in that category.

Is that any better ? :)


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