Routing to ARIN from Teleglobe (2001:5a0::/32)

nenad pudar nenad.pudar at
Sun Feb 11 23:00:31 CET 2007

Actually I am from Teleglobe

We can reach OCCAID (through either Tiscali or C&W)
Seems that bgp v6 sessions between above ISPs and OCCAID are configured
asymmetrically  (or strangely OOCAID is only accepting the customer routes
from Tiscali and C&W which I have doubt about)

Yes possible solution is peering ,if someone from OCCAID is on the list
please let me know  the locations where we can possibly peer(Seems that
Ashburn Equinix  is one)

Thanks to everybody


On 2/11/07, Randy Epstein <repstein at> wrote:
> >> OCCAID can't reach Teleglobe as it isn't in their routing tables.
> Teleglobe can't reach OCCAID, OCCAID can't reach Teleglobe.  Hmm.  Maybe
> they should peer?
> OCCAID *is* an R&D network that provides IPv6 connectivity to many
> institutions.  If you are a customer of Teleglobe and you can't reach
> OCCAID, I think you should be taking out your frustration on
> Teleglobe.  You
> PAY Teleglobe for connectivity, not OCCAID.
> AFAIK, OCCAID has never turned down a peering request from Teleglobe.
> >Along with a lot more than one hundred other allocations. Thanks to
> >Jeroen there is a nifty tool to analyze the situation
> >
> According to Jeroen's tool, the number is 63.  Out of those 63, 30 of
> those
> prefixes are not seen by most (some are exchange (IX) prefixes, some are
> just not routed to the Internet as a whole, etc).  This leaves 33, with
> most
> likely half being resolved if Teleglobe would peer with OCCAID.
> Teleglobe is the one flaunting the restrictive peering policy, whereas
> OCCAID has taken a more reasonable approach.  Maybe these two networks
> should just get a room, eh?
> Regards,
> Randy Epstein
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