Routing to ARIN from Teleglobe (2001:5a0::/32)

Alexander Koch koch at
Sun Feb 11 22:34:37 CET 2007

On Sun, 11 February 2007 21:04:58 +0100, Bernhard Schmidt wrote:
> this is going to be the last mail from me in this sub-thread. My

Wow, so many emails in so short a time, on a weekend.
Bernhard, the next-hop should look better, but when trying
it (again) from the Teleglobe LG to reach
it is not working, still.

Folks, public shaming is evil, right? When you offer peering
to someone who is mentioned in the subject, and you get asked
what prefixes originate under _3257$ for them to be able to
put prefix lists in, then I am afraid. No reply since I
tried to make my point many months back. So the whole point
of this is actually not surprising me too much.

Also OCCAID can be happy they got FT peering, I bet. :)
Lucky them, yes. I happen to know why, too...

And, for the record, whenever we send full routes out, we do
transit for someone. All or nothing. And I see I really have
to document at least the neighbor ASN themselves in our AS
object. As if this is not long enough already. :)


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