APNIC IPv6 transit exchange

Alexander Koch efraim at clues.de
Sun Dec 2 11:01:13 CET 2007


you have NTT/2914 that does it natively. Also you have Teleglobe/VSNL/6453,
Global Crossing/3549 and to some extent in that region C+W/1273 and
Tiscali/3257, without thinking any further who is also available there. Sure,
those cover not exactly that much area except NTT and partly so Teleglobe, but
just in case you get asked again.

I take it you also have heard the loud sigh from us v6 folks here. I guess what
we urge you to do is trying to argue in favour of no 'full tables everywhere'
and implementing explicit customer vs peering route-maps / policies on this, so
while doing transit (as bad as it is, butnd I see the need) there is a prefix
list and all that.

Announcing everything to everyone is bad, it just hurts so badly... quality- wise
and routing will be a mess. Been there, argued with many, it helped. Think about
it - it makes more sense for one local player to get native v6 transit somewhere
and then connect some local ISPs / fellow geeks via tunnels.

having enjoyed linerate v6 for many many years by now

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