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Petra Zeidler zeidlerp at cw.net
Fri Apr 20 16:33:26 CEST 2007

Thus wrote Rémi Denis-Courmont (rdenis at simphalempin.com):

> Side note...
> Le vendredi 20 avril 2007 15:52, Petra Zeidler a écrit :
> > -That- isn't what I mean. I was writing about -names- not -systems-.
> > Take a dual-stacked system that does www:
> >
> > www	IN	A
> > 	IN	AAAA	fe80::1:2:3:4
> > www4	IN	A
> > www6	IN	AAAA	fe80::1:2:3:4
> Hmm, that's a very unfortunate example. You should really use 
> and 2001:db8::/32 if you do not want to put real public 
> addresses.
> Putting link-local addresses in the DNS is not only discouraged, it does 
> not work on most platforms, because the DNS resolver does not scope 
> link-local addresses when it returns them to applications...

I would have had to look up the use-in-documentation spaces, but knew
the obviously-not-really-usable spaces by heart, and I assume that
most readers of this list would also immediately recognise 10/8 and linklocal.
This list is not a book for beginners, is it? :)


> Well yeah, but then www.ipvX already has more traction than wwwX, if 
> less convenient.

I've only seen it as www.ipv6, not as www.ipv4, and in that version it's
pretty useless if v6 is what is not working -and- you have both address
families on your main address. Your experience may of course differ.

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