Teredo only used as last resort after IPv4 (Was: ipv6-ops Digest, Vol 25, Issue 9)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Mon Apr 9 15:24:03 CEST 2007

For BBC folks and people who know how to get to them:

Does anybody have a contact at the BBC who can disable that open
recursive DNS server ( Some nice DDoS attacks can be done
with it. CC'ing their abuse@ just in case. Please close it up and
restrict it only for your OWN customers usage. Thank you.

Andrius Kazimieras Kasparavic wrote:
> Does anyone knows why I can not get v6 prefered on default windows vista
> installation to www.ripe.net; I am using bbc's NS to
> make sure it is not my DNS) and default teredo config. when i type
> manually [2001:..] that works as well as ping -6, but does not prefer v6
> neither with default IE7 or FF2 :( Verified with tcpdump - getting AAAA
> response.

Because the default Vista policy prefers IPv4 over Teredo.

When you have native or tunneled IPv6 connectivity thatwill be
preferred. See the discussion on Teredo from last week or so.

If you try www.ipv6.sixxs.net, which only has a IPv6 address, then you
should be reaching it using IPv6.


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