ipv6-ops Digest, Vol 25, Issue 9

Andrius Kazimieras Kasparavic(ius andrius at andrius.org
Mon Apr 9 15:10:13 CEST 2007

Does anyone knows why I can not get v6 prefered on default windows vista
installation to www.ripe.net; I am using bbc's NS to
make sure it is not my DNS) and default teredo config. when i type
manually [2001:..] that works as well as ping -6, but does not prefer v6
neither with default IE7 or FF2 :( Verified with tcpdump - getting AAAA

Any suggestions lads?

ipv6-ops-request at lists.cluenet.de wrote:
> important to know what transition mechanisms the people uses, and my
> experience is that the usage of Teredo is growing since Vista has been
> released.

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