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Sat Apr 7 20:46:31 CEST 2007

Max Tulyev wrote:
> Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
>> On 27-mrt-2007, at 12:01, Max Tulyev wrote:
>>> i.e. if at the network to which Mac is connected there is DHCPv6 and it
>>> works - we will see our IPv6 address when visiting for example
>>> with all Mac's setup by default.
>> What are you talking about!? Macs don't do DHCPv6.
> And what type of autoconfig they do? This one is enabled by default and
> compatible with Cisco.

As mentioned before: please get a good IPv6 book and read it.

It is called "Router Advertisements" one of the fundamental IPv6 toys.

See also, albeit very short:

bit more text:

Or see for instance

or google for it...

>> Then again, never understimate the trouble a clueless firewall admin can
>> cause.
> Yes. But I think we should think about compatibility in this case. If
> something goes wrong - it should fall back to old one without manual
> troubleshooting.

If the 'firewall admin' decided to simply _drop_ packets then no ICMP is
generated, as such the host that is trying to send packets only has one
choice: time out. After the time out most correctly written applications
will try the next address, which might be an IPv4 one or another IPv6 one.


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