Why not IPv6 yet

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Sat Apr 7 00:38:58 CEST 2007

Michael Sturtz wrote:
> Yes that is us.  We already asked ARIN for a /48 and they declined our
> application to allocate us any addresses because they classified us as
> an "end-site".  We went through the application process and even
> explained our network etc. with no luck.  We still have a network
> engineer assigned to V6 but are stalled until this issue is resolved.  

Are you willing to publish that declination response, if possible?
If you can't send it to the public, private reply is fine too and I'll
try to help you out.

I really want to see what went wrong in that application and help
resolve that problem, then we can maybe advise other people better on
what they should and should not do.

Your organization DEFINITELY qualifies for a /48 and I am pretty sure
that you can even get a /32 without too much difficulties. As such I am
thinking that the mistake made was could be too things: tried to request
it before the /48-for-endsites policy was in place, but that was since
somewhere last year, or, the request form was filled in
wrongly/incompletely which caused ARIN to decline your request.

I hope this is not going completely off-topic here, but I guess that
helping people get actually connected is a good target, without users,
no need for a network in the first place, and the big companies need to
go first before the chickens will follow to hatch new eggs...


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