Why not IPv6 yet

Michael Sturtz Michael.Sturtz at PACCAR.com
Sat Apr 7 00:33:13 CEST 2007

Yes that is us.  We already asked ARIN for a /48 and they declined our
application to allocate us any addresses because they classified us as
an "end-site".  We went through the application process and even
explained our network etc. with no luck.  We still have a network
engineer assigned to V6 but are stalled until this issue is resolved.  

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Michael Sturtz wrote:
> I work for a large multi-national corporation.  We have been looking 
> at
> IPv6 for over a year but have been stymied in our efforts due to the 
> "non-end user" restriction on obtaining PI v6 blocks.

Assuming you mean PACCAR and looking at
http://www.paccar.com/company/contact_us.asp and checking whois:

NetRange: -

It is an easy thing for you:

and request your own /48 IPv6 block for 'free'. You already have IPv4
blocks from them so you qualify, will probably take you 3 business days
and most likely less to get it assigned when you fill in the application
forms correctly. Then got to $large transit (C&W,Tiscali,Verio,Glbx come
to mind) and you have transit and you are off :)

Or wait a bit for the new policy to get through in RIPE land. Of course,
supporting the current policy proposal is a good thing. Hopefully it now
finally gets through; although I would love to get those teeny add-ons
I've added last time in it. Those would simply be very nice to have and
would definitely, at least for me, avoid a next policy round altogether.

Also reading quickly on the PACCAR site though (ah DAF trucks, now I
know it) it seems that you can even easily qualify for a /32, having
offices in over 100 countries most likely means you have more than
300/400 (?, 1800 dealer sites) sites with ease, thus getting a /32 is
more than justified for. Though if you want to run that network
internally is another question, but IP is not what addresses that,
routing is.

Clearly, people made you misunderstand policy as you have qualified for
IPv6 space all along: you have a clear need to get it, thus you should
be able to get it. And you can.


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