IPv6 PI block is announced - update your filters 2620:0000::/23

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Thu Sep 14 00:05:16 CEST 2006

It's update your IPv6 filters time:


IPv6 Assignment Blocks   CIDR Block
Expect blocks in between /40 and /48 there.

That is enough space for best-case 2^(40-23) = 131.072 routes, worst 
case 2^(48-23) = 33.554.432 extra routes in your routing table, I hope 
Vendor C can handle it by the time that happens. In order words: better 
start saving up those bonus points, you will be buying quite a lot of 
new gear if this ever comes off the ground ;)

Most likely case is a bit more optimistic if one takes /44's: 2.097.152
Still a lot more than the IPv4 routing table is now. It will take time, 
and possibly a lot, but it could just happen...

On NANOG Roland Dobbins wrote:
[..sarcasm mode..]
> turning every host 
> on the network into a router via a Shim-6-like mechanism isn't, either

If you would follow shim6 then you would notice that there is also an 
option for doing it side-wide. But I guess Vendor C doesn't like that 
option as then they can't sell bigger fatter routers ;)

> (can you imagine help-desks who can barely cope with basic Windows 
> issues trying to support Shim-6, heh?).

Ever tried to ask a help-desk if they knew what IPv4, BGP, ASN or any 
other simple term was? ;) Most times they don't even know what 
'traceroute' means.

> Vendors, network operators and 
> those participating in standards bodies must understand the seriousness 
> of these issues for customers and work to address them (pardon the pun, 
> heh).

Indeed a certain Vendor C should really start working on fixing a lot of 
bugs quickly.


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