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Tue Oct 17 18:29:32 CEST 2006

Williams, Marc wrote:
> Alexander / Stig,
> 	Currently, access to is via a single tunnel from
> OCCAID in Ashburn, VA.   Are you aware of any carrier out there who
> would be willing and well equiped to provide redundant access to IETF
> for cases like this?  Perhaps we could have supressed advertisement of
> our prefixes toward the trouble. 

Checking GRH (> show bgp 2001:503:C779:B:0:0:D1AD:35B4
BGP routing table entry for 2001:503:c779::/48
Paths: (85 available, best #18, table Default-IP-Routing-Table)

Note that GRH has 104 neighbors, clearly a large number don't even
receive your prefix at all.

That /48 rings a bell to me: you are getting filtered at certain places
and thus run into blackholes. Filtering and especially people who don't
update is playing you bad tricks again.

If I have some time again once I'll implement a 'find the broken
neighbour' option into GRH, but upto then you can use the compare
feature. As you are 'single-homed' to OCCAID, paths should be quite
similar as their 2001:4830::/32 prefix, as such check:

Which shows some discrepancies; most notably the missing prefixes at
NIIF/HUNGARNET/AS1955, Easynet/AS4589 (who also miss out on the root
server blocks), and freenet/AS5430.

Notably Level3/AS3356 seems to perfectly have your prefix directly from
 OCCAID similar to how they get the OCCAID prefix.

I suggest that you start annoying people who are filtering. That
unfortunately is the only way to get this problem resolved.


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