6BONE shutdown

Alexander Koch koch at tiscali.net
Mon May 8 17:56:04 CEST 2006


we do not exactly filter too much, as was outlined when
CESNET announced funny stuff. I am to blame for that. But
in the same way we still accept up to /48 and I believe and
heard some folks are quite happy about that.

That being said I do not intend to not filter old 3ffe stuff
for now, and will have a look in July or August when the sun
is shining, and then those few that will be left have surely
no intention or other issues. I do not think this will be
any issue (seeing the comments on this list, and some very
eager ppl add to that for sure <grin>), at least not one
that would need additional input / adjustments / LARTs or so
from my side.

So I agrew with Udo here.


On Mon, 8 May 2006 17:50:21 +0200, Udo Steinegger wrote:
>  as by writing of this email, I only found 75 unique 3FFE routes in
>  the DFZ.
>  So things have obviously started to (slowly) get better.
>  Not long ago I have seen a little over 100 route entries.
>  Give the folks time to move and let's see what really is left
>  on 6/6/6. If a significant amount of  routes persists on staying
>  there, I wouldn't hesitate to drop them on the network boundaries.
>  cheers
>  Udo

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