6BONE shutdown

Sascha Lenz slz at baycix.de
Mon May 8 14:59:33 CEST 2006


Pim van Pelt wrote:
> Ops,
> I have spoken to several dutch ISPs and think there is a general
> consensus to stop accepting and sending IPv6 prefixes from 3ffe::/16
> from 6/6/2006. I had some brainfart this weekend and thought it was time
> to remove 6BONE from our routing tables, but a collegue slapped me on
> the wrist and I turned it back on again :)
> AS12859 is planning on tightening BGP filters for all 3ffe::/16
> announcements. SixXS is planning on nullrouting 3ffe::/16 on their
> tunnelservers (because SixXS does not have routing infrastructure we
> chose to do it this way). 
> Can any large player(s) share with me and the list their plans on 
> dismantling 6BONE transit next month? It would be really good to 
> have a large mass of ISPs actively implementing stricter filtering,
> especially the IPv6 transit suppliers.

well you can filter or "talk to people", as Gert said on that topic
during RIPE52.

I guess i'll filter 3FFE::/16 towards all downlinks for starters,
probably Null-route the Traffic, but still accept the routes "to talk to
people" :-) and make them take their announcements down when i am bored
some day. Worth a try.

...but i'm no big transit provider so that's just my 0.02EUR

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