6bone/ip6.int interaction

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Tue Jun 13 20:56:23 CEST 2006

Matt Ryanczak wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> We're working with our IPv6 provider to resolve this issue. We have
> found that this IPv6 connection is often times not reachable from
> various parts of the IPv6 Internet. It does appear that most people have
> connectivity. 

Ouch. If it helps, here is a trace from my location (Earthlink IPv6 tunnel):

traceroute6 tinnie.arin.net
traceroute6 to tinnie.arin.net (2001:440:2000:1::22), 64 hops max, 12 byte
 1  wrt54g6  0.737 ms  0.551 ms  0.504 ms
 2  ::  17.613 ms  19.726 ms  15.731 ms
 3  2001:4840:ffff::1  15.703 ms  15.098 ms  17.620 ms
 4  earthlink-gw.customer.klax.occaid.net  18.560 ms  16.934 ms  18.365 ms
 5  2.fe-0-0.cr1.lax3.us.occaid.net  20.919 ms  18.216 ms  25.113 ms
 6  8.ge-0-0.cr1.lax1.us.occaid.net  21.167 ms  18.531 ms  22.922 ms
 7  27.fe0-0.cr1.dfw1.us.occaid.net  54.774 ms  54.648 ms  54.170 ms
 8  20.fe1-0.ar1.ewr2.us.occaid.net  93.173 ms  93.757 ms  101.193 ms
 9  sl-bb1v6-nyc-t-17.sprintv6.net  197.932 ms  207.183 ms  198.065 ms
10  sl-bb1v6-rly-t-1003.sprintv6.net  218.845 ms  217.692 ms  217.421 ms
11  2001:440:1239:7000::2  223.643 ms  224.664 ms  224.401 ms
12  * * *

> As for not being reachable over IPv4, I have an idea of what might be
> causing this. The IP address for tinnie.arin.net changed last Thursday
> do to internal renumbering at ARIN, it should be resolving to
> for you, but you may be getting because of a
> glue record that network solutions inserted into the .net gltd for
> tinnie.arin.net.

Confirmed. Not only do I have that in my cache, but since *.gtld-servers.net
have it as a glue record (with a 2 day TTL), it won't go away till they fix
it. This is sort of a curious thing for them to do, since it's not currently
listed in the delegation of NET (obviously), or arin.net.

> ARIN did not ask for this "service" and we are working
> with them to resolve the issue.

The only explanation I can think of is that it was mentioned in the
delegation of arin.net at one time, and the glue record was not removed when
the delegation record was. But that's just a guess.

In any case, thanks for the quick response. Those of us that actually care
about reverse DNS appreciate the fine work that you folks do.


    If you're never wrong, you're not trying hard enough

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