6bone/ip6.int interaction

James Jun james at towardex.com
Mon Jun 12 15:54:19 CEST 2006

> On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 12:06:50PM +0100, David Malone wrote:
> > It seems that at least one of the ip6.int name servers still lists
> > a 6bone address in the DNS. As 6bone addresses are no longer reachable
> > from large chunks of the IPv6 Internet, this seems to be causing
> > timeouts for the few clients that are still trying to use ip6.int.
> 	hum...  people filter, then  are concerned they can't reach
> 	nodes... and blame the DNS?  Which RIR is responsibe for 3ffe::?

No, more like... 

1. RFC3701 published.
2. June 6th 2006 goes by, 6bone space declared as bogons.
3. Number of network operators filter bogon space.
4. Operator of the DNS server in question continues to use address space
that's declared non-valid.

Nothing wrong with DNS, just operator of the said DNS forgetting to renumber
on time.


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