Probable bogon: 2001:ec00::/32

Brent Sweeny sweeny at
Tue Jan 31 23:58:29 CET 2006

indeed, Uninet (Thailand) admitted their mistake and has 
withdrawn--actually corrected--the 2001:ec00::/32 advertisement to 
2001:0ec0::/32, which as another writer suggested, was the correct and 
legitimate prefix.
we're still working with them to clean up all of the extra 
more-specifics in 2001:3c8::/32.  We asked them also to fix that, but 
they only responded to the first question, so we'll keep on it.  We'll 
also change our filters to not accept advertisements smaller than /32 
from them in 2001: .

Brent Sweeny,  Abilene

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