Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Tue Aug 22 07:31:31 CEST 2006

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, James Jun wrote:
>>> Can you send me the IPv6 address you're coming from so I can try to
>> figure
>>> out what's going on (yes, I'm from 30071/occaid)?  Thanks..
>>> William: you should be able to see the route... who are your upstreams?
>> CA*Net 4.
> I've looked into this problem, however it seems your upstream provider does
> not have routes back to us.  You may need to bring this issue up to CAnet4.
> I can't seem to get a route table export from a looking glass in CAnet4's
> point of view, but from my limited view point it appears CAnet4 does not
> seem to have a commodity v6 internet upstream provider (I could be wrong
> here though so feel free to correct me, I don't mean to be flaming
> others..).  Abilene<->CAnet4 connection appears to be MOU peering which I
> think is what it is supposed to be, which appears to explain why routes are
> not going to you thru that path.

That's not flaming because I made the same conclusion myself. 
Canarie was the (second) upstream for IETF66 in Montreal, and v6 
connectivity to commercial networks sucked badly to put it mildly 
(Montreal -> Europe went to Japan, Korea, back to NA and then to 
Europe IIRC).  Research network connectivity was excellent.  I sent an 
email about this but never received a response.

I can send traceroutes if someone is interested in what the events 
looked back in July 2006.

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