Cisco 6500 IOS - IPv6 BGP Peering Image

Nick Hilliard nick-lists at
Wed Apr 26 17:12:27 CEST 2006

> But before we turn it on, the box is allocated for a software update
> from it's current 12.2.17dSXB7 (which has been stable) to something
> more modern.  And this is where I'm curious if anyone has any good or
> bad stories with the IPv6 capabilities that they are willing to share
> about current IOS images that are available. 

I've been hit with CSCsa77158, which is apparently fixed in SXD7 and
SXE5.  It's not the worst bug in the world, but it is annoying.

        Symptom: SSH connection over IPv6 is refused by IOS SSH server.
        Conditions: This happens when IPv4 access-class is configured on
        the VTY.
        Workaround: Remove access-class configuration from VTY.


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