[narten@us.ibm.com: PI addressing in IPv6 advances in ARIN]

Sascha Lenz slz at baycix.de
Sat Apr 15 21:17:18 CEST 2006

Andrew Alston schrieb:
> Ok, personally so far I think this thread has actually lacked any 
> technical arguments, for or against (Not saying that the discussion has 
> lacked them, but I definately havent seen them on this thread on this 
> list so far).
> There are other reasons for PI space beyond this of course, but these 
> are the major points that come to mind, now, can someone who has a 
> logical and technically minded argument AGAINST the PI space, please 
> stand up and state the case, rather than these blanket statements that 
> PI space kills IPv6 as a decent alternative to IPv4 etc.  State the case 
> technically, lets hear the technical arguments, instead of a flame war 
> that helps no one.

that's just because there _is_ no argument against IPv6 PI which 
withstands any real life counter arguments.

The idea behind "no IPv6 PI" is based in the last millenium where there 
was a huge problem with the IPv4 Internet routing table size forseeable 

By that time, i actually understood the idea behing the "no PI" thing 
and supported it, but this problem just went away nowerdays (new 
routers, more RAM, more CPU/ASIC power...).
I don't need to repeat your arguments about that part, i just agree.

The people who are still behind the idea seem to be either on a personal 
crusade or some highly intellectual geeks with more high-level 
theoretical skills then real life technical experience
(Sorry if anyone is offended now, be assured it's nothing personal at 
all on my end and only a generalisation to keep it short).

I fully support an IPv6 PI Address proposal in general, but i haven't 
really looked into the recent proposals in detail up to now, so i can't 
say much about the current ones - I'm just happy that there finally is 
some policy movement!
Hopefully it swaps over to the other RIR regions, too.

I try to get some time to look into them a little closer, but for now 
i'm a bit off-world in the Corparate Network business where IPv6 is 
somewhat completely ignored anyways (...the "No IPv6 PI 
Multihoming"-issue is one of the reasons for the ignorance there, yes).

..just my 0.02EUR

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