6to4 relay routers

Peter Salanki peter.salanki at port80.se
Wed Jul 27 21:41:01 CEST 2005

Pekka is correct, we announce the /32 to route-views, but we announce  
the /24 to our peers.

/Peter Salanki
Port80 AB
Stockholm, Sweden

27 jul 2005 kl. 21.05 skrev Pekka Savola:

> On Wed, 27 Jul 2005, Michael H Lambert wrote:
>>> I guess what route views sees only minor bearing on what's out  
>>> there.
>>> There are at least half a dozen or so publicly advertised relays  
>>> that
>>> just for some reason don't show on route-views.  And if you look at
>>> Abilene, you see at least four as well.
>> My point was that someone is announcing a /32 instead of the full / 
>> 24 anycast block (lots of /24 announcements heard on route  
>> views).  Even if 6to4 relays are working well in general, we still  
>> have to worry about leakages like this.
> Oh sorry, I missed your point.  This may not be a real worry  
> though. I know the AS number in question (it's used as a backup  
> here when our primary relay goes down), and they don't seem to  
> actually advertise the /32 anywhere (because otherwise it'd be used  
> all the time), or everyone is rejecting it (which folks should be  
> doing anyway -- I know of no one accepting /32's from eBGP peers).
> I guess they're just dumping the contents of their iBGP to route- 
> views or something.
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