v6 over PPPoA/PPPoE/L2TP for customer DSL

Sebastian Abt sabt at sabt.net
Thu Dec 22 11:00:31 CET 2005


* Joe Abley wrote:
> Has anybody here successfully deployed v6 customer access over some
> telco's wholesale DSL service, e.g. using PPPoE/PPPoA on the customer
> side, and L2TP/IP on the ISP side?
> What combinations of customer equpiment/BRAS have people used? What
> telcos?

As Dominik mentioned, we've deployed v6 on DSL using PPPoE for around
one year in Germany.  We're using Cisco 7206 as LNS, local telco is
Deutsche Telekom.  The roll-out was really straightforward, the only
problem we had during beginning was that we had forced disconnects after
exactly 2 hours on sessions that only carry v6 traffic.  Unfortunately
we never found out the reason for that as the problem was gone during
debugging.  I got told that Deutsche Telekom did a software upgrade on
their LACs during this time, but not sure whether this was the reason.

As we have a free of charge v6-only offer, allowing customers to get in
touch with this v6-thingy, we have customers with various CPEs including
Linux, *BSD, Linksys with OpenWRT and Cisco routers.  I've hardly heard
any problem reports from our customers so I guess this just works.



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