v6 over PPPoA/PPPoE/L2TP for customer DSL

Joshua Ronne Altemoos joshua at wolfnix.net
Thu Dec 22 04:08:28 CET 2005

As far as I know EarthLink an american ISP has. They offer ipv6 access to
anyone who applys. Currently you eigther use custom fireware on LinkSys
WRT45G routers (this is not supported by them nor by LinkSys) but they do
say you can  use there systems  bsd or linux based firewalls/routers but
it may be intense.

Link: http://www.research.earthlink.net/ipv6/
Link for non linksys: http://www.research.earthlink.net/ipv6/faq.html#18


> Has anybody here successfully deployed v6 customer access over some
> telco's wholesale DSL service, e.g. using PPPoE/PPPoA on the customer
> side, and L2TP/IP on the ISP side?
> What combinations of customer equpiment/BRAS have people used? What
> telcos?

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