6bone whois server operator subscribed here ?

David Kessens david.kessens at nokia.com
Sun Dec 11 03:15:42 CET 2005

Jeroen, Joshua,

I have little to add to Bob Fink's mail except for the following:

On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 10:45:21AM +0100, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> Joshua Ronne Altemoos wrote:
> > isn't the 6bone db being phased out because of 6bone itself being
> > phased out?

There is no direct connection as there is no authority who can tell me
what to do or what not to do.

However, it is certainly reasonable to expect me to listen to what the
community wants to happen to the registry and I consider the data
itself as owned by the 6bone community.

> Most likely the registry will remain a bit longer after that.
> www.6bone.net should IMHO be preserved for future reference especially
> as it was quite a succesful project.

My current plan is to cease accepting updates on the phase-out date.
I plan on keeping the whois data online for a little longer but will
add a banner message to the responses that this is now 'historic
data'. I will stop the whois server when I see that queries are way
down. There is little cost involved with keeping it online so there is
no reason to hurry this one.

I am open for suggestions if people have interesting ideas on how to do
things differently though I don't believe it is very productive to
start a long mailthread on the fine details of this topic ;-).

David Kessens
PS I am subscribed to this list

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