6bone whois server operator subscribed here ?

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Fri Dec 9 10:45:21 CET 2005

Joshua Ronne Altemoos wrote:
> isn't the 6bone db being phased out because of 6bone itself being phased out?

Current state I know of is that objects that are in there remain in it,
thus no cleanups of trash objects (eg 3ffe::/24 :).

Per 6/6/6 the prefixes under 3ffe::/16 should not be used any more.
   Thus after the 6bone phaseout date June 6, 2006, it is the intent
   that no 6bone 3FFE prefixes, of any size/length, be used on the
   Internet in any form.  Network operators may filter 3FFE prefixes on
   their borders to ensure these prefixes are not misused.

Most likely the registry will remain a bit longer after that.
www.6bone.net should IMHO be preserved for future reference especially
as it was quite a succesful project.

I guess folks (cc'd) like Bob Fink, David Kessens, Pekka Savola or
Margaret Wasserman can tell the exact details about that though.


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