Looking for contributors

Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 01:40:19 CEST 2022

There's an effort to write a free, open-source, on-line book for the benefit of IPv6 practitioners.

Who's going to write it? IPv6 practitioners. You.

https://github.com/becarpenter/book6 now has a (very small) amount of general text, but we're waiting for more collaborators and more text from the community.

As the README says, "The intention is a practical introduction to IPv6 for technical people, kept up to date by active practitioners."

There's a little preliminary content in sections 1 and 8, but still 6 empty chapters...

Discussions and issues can be raised on GitHub but PRs with new text would be even better.

Send me your github ID if interested.

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