Realistic number of hosts for a /64 subnet?

Philip Loenneker Philip.Loenneker at
Mon May 13 07:20:34 CEST 2019

To be sure, you could always put your phone system on the same network segment too...

Back to the original discussion, it's worth keeping in mind that individual devices can and do have multiple IPv6 addresses, so the IPv6 utilisation vs the number of devices on the layer 2 segment could vary significantly. So if you want to know how many devices are actually on a network segment, you would want to check MAC address tables or filter for unique MAC addresses within the ARP table rather than a ping sweep or similar.


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Gert Doering wrote on 10/05/2019 22:16:
> Just make sure their phones are in the same network segment.
> No shouting.

Then they'll all start complaining on WhatsApp over the wifi network ... 
waaaaaait - I see what you're suggesting here.  Brilliantly evil.


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