IPv6 on VoLTE

Tarko Tikan tarko at lanparty.ee
Fri Nov 9 07:57:52 CET 2018


> IMS 3GPP specification requires SIP integrity and confidentiality. You
> may see IPsec/IPsec security association on the device when it is
> communicating and/or registered with P-CSCF (uses SIP protocol).

Correct. While IPsec might be an option, all popular terminals support 
SIP-TLS. Our VoLTE implementation happily uses SIP-TLS + IPv6 only 
bearer without any IPsec.

> With
> VoWiFi IPsec is used to establish a tunnel between UE (user
> equipment/phone) and mobile network operator packet core (EPDG node).

Correct, ePDG usecase is totally different and also applicable for more 
services than just voice.


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