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From: Pim van Pelt <pim at ipng.nl>
Date: Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 8:57 AM
Subject: SixXS shutting down 2017-06-06

TL/DR: SixXS is shutting down on 2017-06-06 (in ~10 weeks).

In 1999, Jeroen and I started SixXS, a project which aimed to provide IPv6
connectivity to users who wanted to learn about the network protocol and
gain experience operating IPv6 networks. Our vision was to facilitate
migration to IPv6 in content and access providers.

We were able to provide IPv6 to 50'000+ individual users and companies in
140+ countries, using servers hosted at 40+ Internet providers in 30+
countries. We are incredibly proud of what we've accomplished together, and
how many people have gotten to know all about IPv6 due to our combined

We are reaching out to you as you are registered in our system as having one
or more active IPv6 tunnels. We have chosen a somewhat symbolic date of
2017-06-06 to turn down the SixXS services, which should give you ten weeks
to arrange alternative connectivity.

We have completed a retrospective and rationale document, which details our
experience developing and operating the SixXS tunnelbroker over the last 18
years. We have worked through our plans with the many dedicated ISPs that
been involved:

We realize that SixXS has gotten a lot of attention in the last 18 years. We
will be reaching out to IPv6 communities around the world, to explain our
decision to them as well.

Kindest Regards,
Pim van Pelt and Jeroen Massar (SixXS founders)
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