question regarding over the counter devices

Wed Mar 1 09:58:53 CET 2017

I guess the point here is to compare if they also have IPv4 firewall on by default.

However, I believe the point here is to understand if a user having a “standard” distribution of any BSD/Linux, is the one that don’t double check all the security of that OS. Maybe we need to look into those distributions of BSD/Linux made for non-techie users, that come with a “build-in” GUI, etc. I doubt those come with IPv6-enabled by default and the firewall-off, it will be a mistake, as they try to allow the users to work with those distributions replacing a Windows (which of course comes with IPv6 enabled and IPv6 firewall enabled by default).


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    > > IPv6 firewall non-on by default. I�$,1ryve not seen that myself in any product up to now.
    > How many products have you looked at? We're still talking about home 
    > routers now, right?
    I was commenting on "all the IPv6 OSs *for hosts and servers*, have the
    IPv6 firewall on by default" (my emphasis). This would seem to include
    all the BSD variants, all the Linux variants, etc. And in that case, the
    statement "IPv6 firewall on by default" is clearly not true.
    Steinar Haug, AS2116

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