question regarding over the counter devices

Wed Mar 1 08:29:05 CET 2017

What I’ve seen, yes is on by default, but I also heard the same complain, but actually never seen a device not-on by default … so I’m not really convinced is very real.

However, I believe that all the IPv6 OSs for hosts and servers, have the IPv6 firewall on by default, so this should not be a big issue, unless you have other devices with no IPv6 firewall (IP cameras?), which I think is not common, because those devices (what I’ve seen up to now), only respond to the port that they have designated to work on.

We had this debate several times in IETF I think …

There is some text about that in both RFC7084 (and bis that I’m working on and RFC6092.


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    I just had a discussion with people from an ISP in the process of 
    implementing IPv6. They were afraid of turning on IPv6 for customers who 
    had purchased their own routers themselves, because these routers might 
    not have IPv6 firewalling on by default, thus exposing customers who used 
    to be "protected" by IPv4 NAT, to now be exposed with unfirewalled IPv6.
    So my question:
    Devices that people buy in electronics stores etc, do they even come with 
    IPv6 turned on by default?
    If they do, is firewalling turned on by default?
    My Apple Airport Express at least came with firewalling turned on, I don't 
    remember what the default setting was for IPv6 support. But if one turned 
    on IPv6 support, then one had to unclick the firewall clickbox to be able 
    to get incoming connections.
    I'm going to check the devices I have in my boxes here at home, but in the 
    mean time would appreciate if others could share their experiences.
    Mikael Abrahamsson    email: swmike at

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