high v6 user-base, less atlas probes

Bajpai, Vaibhav vaibhav.bajpai at tum.de
Mon Jan 30 13:58:29 CET 2017

> On 29. Jan 2017, at 19:12, Ross Chandler <ross at eircom.net> wrote:
>> On 29 Jan 2017, at 13:58, Bajpai, Vaibhav <vaibhav.bajpai at tum.de> wrote:
>> Yes, paper (see §5) touches on this bit. 
>> Here is the complete list of _dual-stacked_ RIPE Atlas probes by ASN:
>> http://goo.gl/bR5JEd.
>> In order to redo the delta comparison I would need v6 user population
>> numbers by ASN; I am not sure if this data is publicly available.
> V6 user population by ASN estimates by APNIC
> https://stats.labs.apnic.net/v6pop

This is nice! I will redo this by ASN and get back

> Ross

-- Vaibhav

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