SV: SV: SV: CPE Residential IPv6 Security Poll

Holger Zuleger Holger.Zuleger at
Thu Sep 29 14:48:03 CEST 2016

On 29.09.2016 14:28, Thomas Schäfer wrote:
> Am 29.09.2016 um 13:50 schrieb e.vanuden at
>> CU at BBWF ;-) We are building CPE with IPv6 on board.
>> Eric
> Without IPv6-support for vpn, without configurable firewall for
> dhcpv6-pd, without the ability to disable IPv4-myfritz-DNS-entries.
... without static routes for IPv6 and, to come back to the original
topic: Without the possibility to turn of the IPv6 firewall...

> AVM is good, but not perfect.
Ack! And I like the way how the IPv6 firewall is configurable, but a
(maybe somehow hidden) knob to turn it completely off, or even set it to
a relaxed security like the Swisscom way, would be great.


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