SV: SV: CPE Residential IPv6 Security Poll

erik.taraldsen at erik.taraldsen at
Thu Sep 29 10:26:29 CEST 2016

> >  We also hoped that UPnP/PCP would be activly used in IPv6, punching firewall holes as needed.  
> > But that seems to not get any traction.
> any good documents on this issue (upnp and IPv6) ?

UPnP and IPv6:
Chapter 2.3.5, WANIPv6FirewallControl:1

If you ment documentation on (lack of) traction I just have the answers in the RFQ's we have sent + talks we have with vendors at such events as BBFW (  The RFQ's are under NDA so I can't disclose who or what capabilitys they offer.  But in general, very little UPnP + IPv6.

And just to trow this conversation futher of, anybody else here coming to BBWF this year?  


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