SV: SV: CPE Residential IPv6 Security Poll

Roger Jørgensen roger at
Sun Sep 25 20:35:03 CEST 2016

On Sun, 25 Sep 2016 07:08:46 +0000, erik.taraldsen at wrote:
> 1) In theory you are right.  In practise it is not that black and
> white.  We never buy an excisting product, we buy an future product
> which has to be developed for us.  That include physical features
> which may not have beed release from Broadcom yet (11ac 3x3 we were
> the first mass order from Broadcom for example).  That means that we
> usualy have an development periode with the vendor, and a release
> target (VDSL launch for example)  Sometimes the have to rush the CPE
> side to meet the network side launch.  This again means that we 
> usualy
> launch with a fair number of bug and un-optimized software, and
> features missing.  And since we don't buy in Comcast type volumes we
> don not have the purchasing power to instruct the vendors to do
> absolutly everything, we have an limited development team working for
> us and we have to prioritize what they should work on.  And so far
> UPnP has not gotten above that treshold.
> (And the above is a bit besides the point, we seem to be the only ISP
> who want UPnP.  That don't help our customers a lot.  In order for
> UPnP to work you also need support in the clients, and those we talk
> to who do develop clients badly want to get away from UPnP)

... that has been said with regard to everything related to IPv6 for
nearly 20years. When will we stop using it as an excuse?

Someone has to be the first, even if it's just for the show and there
are no client side client.


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