SV: CPE Residential IPv6 Security Poll

Philipp Kern phil at
Wed Sep 21 16:52:50 CEST 2016

On 2016-09-21 15:48, Thomas Schäfer wrote:
> Am 21.09.2016 um 14:58 schrieb Jeroen Massar:
>> The major mistake that ISPs are making here btw is marketing:
>>   they are not informing their users
> I am not sure about this advice.
> (I read the forum from vodafone, telekom and unitymedia in Germany 
> daily)
> One similar example: VOIP
> The Deutsche Telekom has clearly stated what she planned - a complete
> ip-infrastructure without ISDN, with marketing and so on...
> What was the reaction? The people and also some journalist are against
> VOIP. They found 1000 reasons why. Only the Telekom was blamed.

Yes, DTAG "informed" users by doing it sort of the "right" way: They 
actively terminated their old non-VoIP contracts. So they send 
non-technical users a letter that they are unfortunately forced to 
terminate 10+ year old contracts (some of them being on the very 
expensive side for little service). All other players in the space 
obviously do not want their users to gain a special right to termination 
of their contracts because then they might move somewhere else.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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