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Mon Oct 31 02:09:47 CET 2016

Brandon,  I also have IPv6 enabled on my AT&T Uverse 2-wire 3800 modem and
cannot initiate an inbound v6 connection.  I do have full outbound  v6
connectivity and rsync my locally hosted website to a cloud machine with
full IPv6 / v4 serving at a much higher bandwidth that I can get from
AT&T.  I too have disabled the 2-wire's firewall but still have found it
locked from the outside.  My 2-wire service is IPv6rd and I do have a /29
static IPv4 that is enabled.  I'll follow your discussion as my experience
is similar to yours and I've fooled around with it for far too long to
justify the cost savings of eliminating the $10 cloud service.

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On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 6:10 PM, Brandon Ewing <brandon.ewing at>

> OK. I have spent literally 4 hours on the phone with various AT&T support
> people who cannot assist with me with the following problem statment:
> My home PC has an IPv6 address assigned via DHCPv6 by my AT&T provided
> gateway.
> I am able to ping6 from my home PC to all remote servers.  I am unable to
> ping6 from remote servers to my home PC.  From my home gateway's config
> screen I have disabled the packet filter, and from the firewall advanced
> screen, I have ensured that the reflexive ACL is disabled, which SHOULD
> allow inbound packets regardless of state settings.
> After 4 hours on the phone, I have literally given up hope that I can find
> assistance that way.  Does anyone (inside or outside AT&T) have a
> suggestion as to how to provide working IPv6?
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