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Brandon Ewing brandon.ewing at
Mon Oct 31 00:10:23 CET 2016

OK. I have spent literally 4 hours on the phone with various AT&T support
people who cannot assist with me with the following problem statment:

My home PC has an IPv6 address assigned via DHCPv6 by my AT&T provided

I am able to ping6 from my home PC to all remote servers.  I am unable to
ping6 from remote servers to my home PC.  From my home gateway's config
screen I have disabled the packet filter, and from the firewall advanced
screen, I have ensured that the reflexive ACL is disabled, which SHOULD
allow inbound packets regardless of state settings.

After 4 hours on the phone, I have literally given up hope that I can find
assistance that way.  Does anyone (inside or outside AT&T) have a
suggestion as to how to provide working IPv6?

Brandon Ewing                                   nicotine at
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