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Hi All,

The Best Practice Forum on IPv6 is looking at the IPv6 deployment by
companies and organisations, and wants to include a paragraph on IXPs.

This should be a general statement on the IPv6 readiness of IXPs in the
world, and briefly discuss motivation and challenges.

I found a Euro-IX statement
<http://www.netnod.se/sites/default/files/Euro-IX_IPv6_press.pdf> from June
2011 that announced that all Euro-IX members are IPv6 ready and enabled.

Does anyone knows of recent updates or statements on the IPv6-readines of

FYI the BPF IPv6 draft is available on google docs ( link


*Wim Degezelle*
*Consultant IGF BPF IPv6*
*Consultant IGF BPF on IXPs*

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