Linux and ULA support and default route

Holger Zuleger Holger.Zuleger at
Fri Oct 14 12:00:04 CEST 2016

>> Great idea, ULAs.
> In the right circumstances, yes, actually. And actually my circumstances
> yesterday were right for a ULA prefix: the ISP failed to give my CE a prefix.
> Today, they gave me a prefix, and so Linux gives me a default route.
Hmm, what's so bad with still using the global prefix until the global
connectivity comes back and the CPE gets a new one?
Than it's early enough to set the preferred time of the former prefix to
0 and let them time out.
In this way all local communication will not be interrupted if your
Internet connection fails.

And sending the old prefix as a hint in the DHCPv6-PD reqest let a
chance open to get the same prefix again.
Then local communication will not be affected by the upstream failure at

Of course the default route should *not* be withdrawn.
The RA default router announcement says just, "Hey hosts, I'm the way
out of your local subnet", and not "Hey host, I have a upstream
connection to the rest of the internet".


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