default IID mechanism (was Re: macos Sierra with CGA address?)

Holger Zuleger Holger.Zuleger at
Thu Dec 15 12:12:17 CET 2016

>> My info is, to set
>> 	sysctl -w net.inet6.send.opstate=0
>> to go back to mac address based eui64, but didn't checked it.
> Please don't resort to eui64. That's a bad idea. See RFC7721 and RFC707
Hmm, yes but from an operating view...

In case of re-numbering your network, RFC72177217 (and SEND as well) is
a step backward. Both EUI48 and the Windows random stable IID mech have
the benefit of prefix independent IIDs.

The change of name to IP mapping in the DNS is ways easier if the IID
remain the same. I have a small programm to re-generate additional AAAA
records if I have to introduce a new provider prefix (and delete the old
one as well).

If the IID is prefix dependent (CGA, RFC7216), than the best (or the
only scalable way) is that the host itself updates the DNS via dynamic
And integrating dynamic dns into standard operating systems is another
thing I'm  waiting for a long time now.


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