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Deployment work overload could be 5%.

For deployment of dual stack, you should minimise work overload by:
- taking advantage of normal refresh cycles and bundle enabling of dual
stack into the refresh or deployment of new management systems, procedures,
and services
- picking "low hanging fruit" tasks that will advance deployment with
minimum effort
   (some legacy systems may never be capable of or required to be accessed
over IPv6 - leave them).
- don't provide some IPv6 network or service that doesn't have similar
performance and reliability as IPv4 has; wait until you can
- taking things slowly to allow time for staff to mentally adjust to
dual-stack as being normal,
  and to keep IPv6 issues from being on the critical path

For run phase, I think it really depends upon what type of IT issues you
normally see:
- something used to work over network and now it doesn't == need to check
IPv6 as well as IPv4.
- database management, or PC malware == no IPv6 involvement
- IPv4 address space micromanagement == easy as IPv6 /64 subnet is never
too small

Run-time recommendations:
- make sure setup *and* changes to firewall / ACL rules permit/deny
equivalently for IPv4 and IPv6
- promptly investigate any network problems that could be blamed on IPv6 to
avoid users advising each other
   "just turn off IPv6 to fix things", and then never turning it back on


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>  Hello everybody,
>  I work for a consulting firm.
>  For a client, I would like to estimate the work overload for IT
> operations team to deploy IPv6 dual stack and for day to day operations.
>  On the internet, I have found an estimation around 20% of work overload
> for the run phase. But if you have operational feedback it would be the
> best!
>  Thanks in advance for your answers,
> Have a nice day.
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