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  BSDCon Brazil (http://www.bsdcon.com.br) is the Brazilian BSD powered
and flavored conference held in Brazil.

  The first edition was in 2003
(https://www.freebsd.org/events/events2003.html) and it brought together
a great mix of *BSD developers and users for a nice blend of both
developer-centric and user-centric presentations, and activities. The
2015 edition will be even more fun!

  This year BSDCon Brazil will be held from 9-10th October 2015, in
Fortaleza (CE). The very first edition with people coming to Brazil from
all around the globe!

OFFICIAL CALL (http://bsdcon.com.br/call-for-papers)

  We've got extra room for the conference! Now we are proudly requesting
proposals for even more presentations.

  We do not require academic or formal papers. If you wish to submit a
formal paper, you are welcome to, but it is not required.

  Presentations are expected to be 45~60 minutes and are to be delivered
in Portuguese (preferred), Spanish or English.

  The proposals presentation should be written with a very strong
technical content bias. Proposals of a business development or marketing
nature are not appropriate for this venue and will be rejected!

  Topics of interest to the conference include, but are not limited to:

    [*] Automation & Embedded Systems
    [*] Best Current Practices
    [*] Continuous Integration
    [*] Database Management Systems
    [*] Device Drivers
    [*] Documentation & Translation
    [*] Filesystems
    [*] Firewall & Routing
    [*] Getting Started to *BSD Systems
    [*] High Availability
    [*] Internet of Things (IoT)
    [*] IPv6
    [*] Kernel Internals
    [*] Logging & Monitoring
    [*] Network Applications
    [*] Orchestration
    [*] Performance
    [*] Privacy & Security
    [*] Third-Party Applications Management
    [*] Virtualization
    [*] VoIP
    [*] Wireless Transmissions

  We are waiting to read what you got! Please send all proposals to:

    submissions at bsdcon.com.br

  The proposals should contain a short and concise text description. The
submission should also include a short CV of the speaker and an estimate
of the expected travel expenses.

        - Do not forget to tell us your host city;
        - If your quotes are in another currency than Brazilian Reais,
         please inform the day you got the prices for proper conversion.
        - We've got speakers who will pay for their own flight;
         if you would like to do the same, your name/company
         will be listed as sponsor.


  Proposals Acceptance
    May 8th 2015 ----- BEGINS
    June 10th 2015 --- END OF PHASE 1
    June 30th 2015 --- END OF PHASE 2

  Contact to Accepted Proposals Authors
    July 10th 2015 --- CONTACT WITH PHASE 1's AUTHORS
    July 20th 2015 --- CONTACT WITH PHASE 2's AUTHORS


  * If your talk is accepted, you are expected to present your talk in
  * Speakers do not register or pay conference fees;
  * We can pay for speakers flight and accommodation;
  * A speaker paying for its own flight/accommodation will be listed as
sponsor (no special category);
  * You pay for your own food and drink;
  * There will be a digital projector available in each lecture room.

BSDCon Brasil 2015
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